We have one mission at Horsepower Strength & Conditioning, to build people. I care about one thing, you as a person. I care about helping you become stronger mentally and physically. I care about helping you reach your goals, surpass your goals, and do things that you never thought possible. I care about making you better when it is time to step onto the football field. I care about you feeling good enough to live a strong life, a passionate life, and a life where you will not be broken.

This program is based on one philosophy, never having regrets. It will give you every tool that you need to become an athlete no matter where you are starting from. This program will leave no doubt that you have done everything in your power to reach your goals. With a Horsepower Strength & Conditioning membership you will get strength and conditioning programming, speed training, agility training, philosophy, and sports science all in one place. This program will set you apart from everyone you are competing against.

  • Plans designed specifically for each athlete - any and all sports

  • Strength/Agility/Speed Drills

  • Sports philosophy

  • Life philosophy

  • Direct contact with Coach Miller

Small group training combines the benefits of a positive group environment while having personal training with individual plans for each athlete. At Horsepower Strength & Conditioning, each athlete has their own goals and needs, which will be met with customized workouts for each person. Training in the small group setting does NOT mean that everyone is doing the same workout. There are no cookie cutter workouts!

Choose a program that invests in you as a person, and builds you from the inside out. Horsepower Strength & Conditioning sets itself apart from other strength and conditioning programs because it is 100 percent committed to building you as a person. To building the confidence that allows you to attack your training, attack your competition, and attack life. This program will change the way you compete and allow you to achieve things you never thought possible. 


Become a part of the Horsepower. 

1. In House training with coach Miller at Horsepower Strength and Conditioning.

2. Power Program - preset workouts for you to attack.


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