When I work with my athletes, I have one goal: to help them become the best football player that they can be. Typically; following a game when I ask my guys how they played I will get a response of “good”, “ok”, or “not very well”. This does not help me, as a coach, work with them to improve. I can tell you first hand that what I see in training does not always translate to playing great football on the field. As a coach, it is my first job to invest in my athletes. This is not a small investment, or only giving 100 percent to them when they are in my training facility (If you aren’t at least doing that, find another job). This means spending the time and energy to do everything in my power to help them be the best they can be.

I travel to as many games as possible. I am there for two reasons. First, to show them how much I care. Second, to watch them perform. If I don’t know what they look like play to play I cannot coach them effectively to become better. I also spend time watching, grading, and breaking down film of their games in order to effectively program their strength, speed, and skill work. If you don’t take the time to invest in your athletes; if you aren’t studying and grading out their performance, you are just guessing on how to make them better.

The simple fact is that each athlete has goals. Each athlete puts their heart and soul into their sport. Each athlete cares immensely about how they are performing. As a coach, I have to care more, and they need to feel it. Each and every one of these kids only gets one shot at playing high school football, college football, and beyond. As a coach you can’t take one game, one season, or one training session for granted. Every single day needs to be about moving forward with progress in order to reach the goals that they have. The investment that I make in my athletes is the only way to truly make the impact that they deserve. It is the only way to help them become the player that they are capable of being. This is what sets the Aggressive Gentlemen (Football training) program apart from every other program you can sign up for. It is a complete investment in my athletes that starts the day they walk in.

You get one chance to play and compete, do not waste any of your time and money on a program or coach that isn’t making a complete investment in you or your goals. The Aggressive Gentlemen program at Horsepower is not like any other program and it will be the best investment you can make.



The Aggressive Gentlemen program is built to create dominate offensive lineman and defensive lineman. If you are a Minnesota High School Football player, College Football Player, or Professional Football Player looking for lineman training you can work directly with Coach Miller at Horsepower Strength & Conditioning in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


If you are an lineman who does not play in or around Minnesota. Miller offers an exclusive lineman training membership website that gives you all the tools to be the best offensive lineman that you are capable of being.




The primary reason to to use strongman training for football players is to bridge the gap between weight room strength and field strength. This element is essential for maximizing a  football strength and conditioning program. One of the best ways to make this happen is to add strongman training into conventional football strength and conditioning programming. There are many exercises that can be used in order to successfully turn weight room strength into field strength (Field strength is the only goal for athletes, very few outcomes of games are decided by who can bench more). There are 5 primary strongman exercises that every football player (especially lineman) should be doing regularly. Adding strongman movements has benefits for all competitive athletes. If you want to build true functional strength that translates to improved performance in your sport add strongman training to your program.

Remember the further you stray from basic strength, speed, power elements in programming, the less effective it is.


Keys for strongman training for football or other non strongman athletes

1. Using movements that directly translate to sports.

2. Using different approaches with the exercises to maximize benefits (weight, distance, speed).

3. Teaching proper technique to maximize the benefits and eliminate injury.

These are the 5 core strongman movements that I use for football players. 

These are the foundation movements of our strongman program, but there are countless variations that we use in addition in order to build brute strength and explosive power on the field.

1. Farmers Walk

2. Sled Push

3. Sled Pull

4. Log Clean and Press

5. Tire Flips


Add Strongman Training to your current S & C program and take your field strength to the next level!

Horsepower Strength and Conditioning knows that many athletes are on strength/speed/conditioning programs through their school or team. We offer athletes a supplemental training program that takes them to the next level. The addition of strongman training to traditional strength and conditioning programs gives athletes who are willing to put in the work a huge competitive advantage. It will increase what you are able to do in training and make you a stronger, more powerful athlete when you compete. The addition of supplemental strongman training can be the difference between starting and sitting, between signing the scholarship or not playing college athletics. Give yourself every opportunity to reach your potential. Do what will set you apart from every other athlete you will be competing against.



One goal: build people to play offensive line. Everything the Aggressive Gentlemen program (Offensive Lineman Training) does is to enhance the athlete’s ability to dominate the line of scrimmage. It is not about getting people really good at working out, or lifting a certain amount of weight. We are building athlete’s with the mobility, power coordination, brute strength, and with the efficient movement needed to be great lineman.
If you want to be great at something, do that thing over and over.
Lineman have been tested and evaluated for a long time on their ability to perform in ways that will never translate to what they are doing on the field. I have played and coached lineman for over 20 years and I can tell you that there is no correlation between how good a lineman is and what they bench, back squat, or their 40 time.
Lineman, train different, train intentionally to improve performance. 
Squatting for Lineman
There are 2 squats that should be the foundation of every offensive lineman’s Strength training program.


                                                         Overhead Squat                                                                                                                                     Front Squat












Offensive Line is one of the most physically demanding positions in all of sports. Lineman need to train in a way that sets them up for the demands that it places on their bodies. They are not weightlifters, they are football players who are moving explosively, hitting other athletes with great force, and being hit with great force. During the course of any game, every single weakness in the lineman’s body will be exposed. The solution, do the movements that eliminate these weaknesses.
Squatting is a key component to a lineman’s training and improvement. The key is to use the squat variations that prepare them for the demands of playing football and eliminate the weaknesses that can affect their level of play. Front squats and overhead squats engage all of the muscles of the upper back, chest, shoulders, and core. This is in addition to the engagement of all leg muscles. Due to the physical demands of these two lifts all muscle mass throughout the entire body is engaged, the same exact thing that happens on every single play on the football field. The other benefit of using the proper squats to train linemen is they are doing them on their feet, nothing a lineman does needs to be done in any other position. Lineman play the game on their feet,not on your back, and not sitting down.
The reasons are obvious if you look at the mechanics of these two lifts. Working them with proper technique and depth will change the way a lineman is able to play the game.
Mobility is another key to the success of any lineman. One of the most important physical attributes needed to play offensive line is hip flexibility, ankle flexibility, shoulder flexibility, and spine flexibility. These strength movements increase the mobility needed to play offensive line in the proper positions giving them the greatest chance of success.
Strength through the correct positions should be the center-point of training an offensive lineman. Front squats are front loaded, everything a lineman does is pushing with his hands in front. Overhead squat, building strength with arms extended. An offensive lineman needs to be strong and mobile in this position. These two squats cover every aspect of football strength that you can build through the squat movement.
These are not assistance movements for lineman, they are the centerpiece to building functional lineman strength that has direct carry over to the sport and position that you are playing.
Always remember, it is fun to lift a ton of weight, but it is more fun to dominate all game long. Train different than everyone else and get the results that no one else is getting.
Train with us
The Aggressive Gentlemen program is built to create dominate offensive lineman and defensive lineman.
If you are a Minnesota High School Football player, College Football Player, or Professional Football Player looking for lineman training you can work directly with Coach Miller at Horsepower Strength & Conditioning in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
If you are an offensive lineman who does not play in or around Minnesota. Miller offers an exclusive lineman training membership website that gives you all the tools to be the best offensive lineman that you are capable of being.


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Horsepower Lineman Training


This program has one goal, build…
Aggressive Gentlemen
An Aggressive Gentlemen is simply a person who forcefully pursues their goal and passion while living honorably, humbly, confidently, kindly and true to their beliefs.
Play by the rules, but be ferocious – Phil Knight
Horsepower is now offering a full service strength, speed, skill, and recruiting service for high school lineman who have the dream of playing college football. The program is based on building young men with the proper mental and physical foundation to be great football players. This programs number 1 goal is to build them into the type of men that College coaches are looking to recruit.
The recruiting portion is unlike most recruiting services. My goal is to establish and maintain personal relationships with as many offensive/defensive line coaches around the country as possible. The personal relationships I build will help the athletes find the school that is the best fit for them. When an athlete is in the right place, they will thrive.
This service is intended for athletes who are committed to training at least 2x per week year round. I fully support multiple sport athletes and we will train around your competition schedule.
You schedule all of your own appointments (There is 44 different time slots available each week)  and train with other motivated athletes. Coach Miller is with you at every single training session.
This program is for lineman of all ages, it is never too early or too late to get started. We will maximize the time we have in order for you to get where you want to go (Ages 12+).
This program is designed to build:
•    Elite Line Fundamentals
•    Brute Strength
•    Explosive Hips
•    Quick Feet
•    Strong Hands/Punching Power
•    Mental Strength

Why Sign Up for Horsepower Lineman Training and Recruiting?
Parents, if you are looking at my site, that gets me extremely excited! You are taking the steps necessary to make your sons dream a reality. I would love to set up a consultation to further discuss the program or if you are ready to sign up, schedule an appointment and we can get started. Contact me below to schedule.
I will be very up front, I have taken the time to look at different training options that you have. Everyone is selling the same thing. This is what makes our program different.
This program is not about strength training. This program is about transforming young men into college football players. It is changing them physically and mentally. It is about giving them the tools physically and the confidence to know that they are capable of playing at an extremely high level at this stage of the career and in the future.
Our program is not about what they can do in the weight room or on a track. Strength and Speed are extremely important for lineman, but it means nothing if it does not carry over onto the field. Field strength and speed are the foundation of why we train and how we train. We also train the mindset of attacking and finishing. This mentality is more important than anything else we do in this program.
This is how we do it.
All lineman need the same qualities in order to succeed on the field. With this being said, every person is unique and so is their journey, every athlete that participates in this program is on an individual program designed specifically for them. We take the movements that will be used on the field and teach the athletes how to be strong and powerful in these positions. We use a combination of Powerlifting (bench, squat, deadlift), Weightlifting (clean, jerk, snatch), Strongman, Plyometrics, Sprinting, and Football Specific Drills to create big powerful men who can dominate the line of scrimmage.
The Lineman Training and Recruiting program will also provide nutrition advice to help build large, lean, powerful athletes.
The nutrition advice for this program will be designed based on each lineman’s current body weight and their goals. It is designed to help build their bodies with lean muscle in order to play fast and strong. It will include what and how much they should consume to allow maximum progression.
This program offers a recruiting service in addition to the lineman training. Our recruiting program is built around the contacts and relationships that Coach Miller has with college football coaches. In addition to this we will:
•    Create highlight tapes from each of your seasons to send to coaches
•    Create workout videos that showcase your skills
•    Create Combine style results tested every six months  to be sent to coaches
•    Be with you through the entire process
I have spent 20 plus years playing, coaching, and training lineman. Being a lineman is a brotherhood. I have endless passion to developing young men and helping them live out their dreams. If you are looking to reach your football potential, there is only one place to train.



There are key physical attributes that offensive lineman need to have in order to get recruited and ultimately get scholarships to play college football. When coaches, recruiters, and scouts are grading a high school football offensive lineman they focus on a few key attributes.
•    Athleticism and Footwork
•    Power and Punch
•    Pad Level and Knee Bend

These are the qualities that lineman need to have in order to play at a high level. Your training should focus on improving in these areas.
•    Mobility Training
•    Full Range of Motion Strength Work
•    Explosive Barbell Movements – Cleans, Jerks, Snatches, Weighted Jumps
•    Jumping
•    Speed – Change of Direction
•    Speed – Straight Line

Make the commitment to improving the key physical skills needed to be an elite lineman and you can improve your chances of going from a high school football player to a college football player, or a college football player to a professional football player. Becoming the Football player that you want to be is almost solely based on the attitude that you bring to your training, practice, and games. Refuse to not get better!

The primary focus of lineman training is to create a big, strong, athlete that can move fast. Being just big and strong is not enough.