Aggressive Gentleman Football Program

Building football players from the ground up.

This program is for any football player that wants to take their play to the next level. This program is for

the guys who want to do the things it takes to set themselves apart from everyone else on the field. I am

100 percent invested in every single athlete who walks through the door, your goals become my goals,

and we will put the work in to make sure you reach them.

The Aggressive Gentleman Football Program will change the way that you compete. This program is built

to build athletes that are ready to dominate on gameday. There are a lot of options for strength and

conditioning for football players. What sets this program apart is the commitment to building football

players, not workout warriors. We build strength, speed, and power that translates to the field. This

program builds:

  • Quickness

  • Balance

  • Mobility

  • Brute Strength

  • Explosive Power

  • Efficient Movement

  • Attack Mentality

Take your play to the next level and get ready to dominate on game day. Become a part of AG Football


Training Sessions are 60-90 Minutes. Each session we will work on building brute strength, explosive

power, efficient movement, football skills, football footwork, and building the attack mentality needed

to line it up and get the job done on the field.

Program options.

  • 2x per week - $350 per month

  • 3x per week - $450 per month

  • 4x per week - $550 per month

All appointments scheduled on website or at times set up for Football Training.

Contact Coach Miller to get started.

This program is also available in Coach Miller’s Virtual Strength Coach Program