Horsepower Homeschool Strength and Conditioning

Every child benefits from physical activity. Every life is more enjoyable with increased strength, balance, mobility, speed, and body awareness. I want to offer a foundation of physical preparedness that will be beneficial to the children now and for the rest of their lives. Horsepower is built upon the values of family, effort, and becoming better every single day. We start with where the child is and build from there.

Horsepower offers two classes based on age groups.


Classes will meet 1x per week on Monday mornings. Kids participating in the program will be billed monthly ($45.00 per month).

Group 1 Ages 5-8 Monday 11 – 11:45am

This class will focus on building body awareness, mobility, and balance. We will reach these goals through fun body weight activities, running, jumping, obstacle courses and games. 

Group 2 Ages 9-12 Monday 11:45am – 12:45pm

This class will introduce weightlifting principles, proper technique, along with running, jumping, and circuits that will improve each child’s strength, balance, speed, coordination and work capacity. 

Message or Call Matt Miller with any questions or to get signed up

(763) 286-1208