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Horsepower Strength & Conditioning is offering a full service IN PERSON strength, speed, skill, and recruiting service for people wanting to become stronger, faster and mentally tougher. The program is based on building men and women with the proper mental and physical foundation to be great athletes.

When an athlete is in the right place, they will thrive.

Small group training combines the benefits of a positive group environment while having personal training with individual plans for each athlete. At Horsepower Strength & Conditioning, each athlete has their own goals and needs, which will be met with customized workouts for each person. Training in the small group setting does NOT mean that everyone is doing the same workout. There are no cookie cutter workouts!

This service is intended for athletes who are committed to training at least 2x per week year round. I fully support multiple sport athletes and we will train around your competition schedule.

You schedule all of your own appointments (There are over 45 different time slots available each week) and train with other motivated athletes. Coach Miller is with you at every single training session.

This program is for athletes of all ages, it is never to early or too late too get started. We will maximize the time we have in order for you to get where you want to go.

Aggressive Gentlemen @ Horsepower Strength & Conditioning
Football Specific

  • 2x per week/ $350 per month ($40/session)

  • 3x per week/ $450 per month ($34/session)

  • 4x per week/ $550 per month ($31.75/session)

Powerology @ Horsepower Strength & Conditioning
Attack Programming

  • 2x per week/ $350 per month ($40/session)

  • 3x per week/ $450 per month ($34/session)

  • 4x per week/ $550 per month ($31.75/session)

Base Program @ Horsepower Strength & Conditioning

  • 2x per week/ $250 per month ($29/session)

  • 3x per week/ $350 per month ($27/session)

  • 4x per week/ $450 per month ($26/session)

1. Appointments are to be scheduled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance via the online scheduling system.  Schedule the proper number of appointments per week. Appointments not rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance will result in the loss of that training opportunity.  Lost appointments may not be made up. Scheduling is the athlete’s responsibility.

2.  Athletes are responsible for arriving on time to appointments.  Athletes will workout until their workout for the day is complete. The workout will be between 60 and 90 minutes.

3. Monthly billing needs to be cancelled 30 days prior to you billing date.  Refunds will not be given for cancellation after billing.   There are no partial billings for vacations or missed time due to injuries.

4. All athlete workouts and recording will be done by Coach Miller.

5. Workouts will be specifically designed around the athlete’s needs and competition schedule.

6. This program will include membership to this website.