Lineman Blueprint

I have spent my entire life playing, coaching, and training Lineman. I know what it takes to get you ready to play at a high level and put people in the dirt on game day. Don't spend your time and energy doing workouts that aren't specifically designed for the the big boys. When you sign up for this program you will have a blueprint emailed to you every Sunday with exactly what to do for the next week. This program will set you apart and take your game to the next level. Become a part of the Big Man Nation!

Workouts emailed weekly

$29.99 / mo

My life has been profoundly affected by Coach Miller's approach...

"There’s no way to overstate the value of mental strength in athletics, or life in general, and Matt Miller understands that more than anyone I’ve met. Coming to Coach Miller with a back injury and lifelong chronic depression the way that I approach everything in my life has changed. The philosophy is simple but deep, with love for what you do and who you are the possibilities are infinite. Whether it’s competing in Strongman competitions or facing challenges in my everyday life that would have previously seemed insurmountable, my life has been profoundly affected by Coach Miller’s approach and his reinforcement of those principles that he lives and trains every day. He has made me the strongest, mentally and physically, that I have ever been."

—  Seth Goin