Proof is in the results and that is exactly what Powerology delivers. Unmatched results in creating Powerful Athletes.


What is it?

Powerology is a program built to maximize an athlete’s ability to generate power. It is a program that has been created with 25 years of research and perfected over time through the coaching/training of 1000’s of athletes. This program is not specific to any single sport, but to the needs of every single person that competes in anything. Their ability to generate power. Their ability to move fast, their ability to stop fast, change direction fast, their ability to generate a large amount of force the second that they need it, and their ability to call on a different level of strength that only comes through the ability to call on your body to be powerful. This program allows athletes to play and compete at a different level than athletes training in a conventional strength and speed program. This program opens up an entire different world of what each person’s body is actually capable of accomplishing.


  • Mobility – The more mobile a person is, the more power they can generate. A mobile body is a healthy body.

  • Strength – This program builds strength through a full range of motion. We attack the points and build each person to be as strong as possible in every position. In athletics and life, it is important to be strong even when everything isn’t going as planned.

  • Power – Each athlete builds power through a wide range of power movements. Both bodyweight and resisted movements. We build power from ultimate conditions to conditions that are less than ideal. My athletes have the ability to explode at any time from any position.

  • Coordination – This program builds coordination through complex movements.

  • Balance – Athletes training in the program build tremendous balance. One of the foundations fo this program is single leg work and odd position work. Through training balance is maximized.

  • Injury Proof – The more mobility, strength, balance, reaction time, and coordination an athlete has the more resilient they become to injury. This program makes athletes as injury proof as possible.

  • Confidence – The more powerful an athletes gets, the more the trust there body to do what they call on it to do, the more they attack competition and life.


Everybody does the big things, what makes the Powerology program different is the work we do in combination to Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans, Snatches, and Jerks. I have spent 25 plus years training and coaching, I never had a “mentor” or a coach (in the field of strength and conditioning) that I thought was great or who I followed to get me started. There was a reason for this and the reason was simple. I don’t want things stuck in my head that we have to do. Everything that is in this program is backed up with results from my training and my athletes training. Powerology began with a kid watching Rocky 4, and completely buying into the 2 principles.

  1. Hard work is the foundation of success

  2. Outside the box training is the way to set yourself apart

With this in mind, and stuck in programs that made me bigger, stronger, but slower and less productive when I competed. I knew there was a better way, so I thought outside the box to create a blueprint that can be used with all people to maximize their ability to live a powerful life.


Who is it for?​

NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES! There is nothing better for a person’s confidence then to be strong, fast, and most importantly powerful. This program changes the way people feel from the inside out, it changes the way that they perceive themselves and the world around them. I have always believed that the more powerful a person becomes the less fear dictates their decisions. This program builds people and gives them the confidence to attack when they compete and live.

This program is for any person, it doesn’t matter if you have been lifting for 20 years or are looking to get started for the first time. We start from where you are and move forward. We start from where you are and do things that you don’t think are possible.

POWER IS KING! This program breaks the mold and changes people, if you are ready to go work and become powerful contact me today.