Building Powerful People

I became a Strength & Conditioning coach and opened Horsepower for one simple reason, to help people become stronger, period. When I sat down and started writing my business plan years ago, the most important thing that I wanted to bring to the people I worked with was love. There are 1,000 ways to try and motivate people, but none are stronger than love. I can honestly say that the people that I train become part of my family, and in turn they become family to one another. This sets up an environment were people are not afraid to push limits and they will not allow themselves (or each other) anything less than their best effort. We get major results because people are not afraid to fail and they give everything they have to improve every time they walk through the door. Every single day my first job is to build people mentally and give them the mental strength (fearless, attacking, and the belief that they can handle anything that comes their way) that they need to improve physically. There are no physical gains without first building mental strength. The goal and the purpose of everything that I do is to to build people. The following words were written by one of my athletes, Seth Goin (Pictured Below). It sums up what Horsepower is, the influence that other Horsepower athletes have on one another, and the way that I try and coach my athletes every single day. Thank you Seth!

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