Horsepower Lineman Training

This program has one goal, build…

Aggressive Gentlemen

An Aggressive Gentlemen is simply a person who forcefully pursues their goal and passion while living honorably, humbly, confidently, kindly and true to their beliefs.

Play by the rules, but be ferocious – Phil Knight

Horsepower is now offering a full service strength, speed, skill, and recruiting service for high school lineman who have the dream of playing college football. The program is based on building young men with the proper mental and physical foundation to be great football players. This programs number 1 goal is to build them into the type of men that College coaches are looking to recruit.

The recruiting portion is unlike most recruiting services. My goal is to establish and maintain personal relationships with as many offensive/defensive line coaches around the country as possible. The personal relationships I build will help the athletes find the school that is the best fit for them. When an athlete is in the right place, they will thrive.

This service is intended for athletes who are committed to training at least 2x per week year round. I fully support multiple sport athletes and we will train around your competition schedule.

You schedule all of your own appointments (There is 44 different time slots available each week) and train with other motivated athletes. Coach Miller is with you at every single training session.

This program is for lineman of all ages, it is never too early or too late to get started. We will maximize the time we have in order for you to get where you want to go (Ages 12+).

This program is designed to build:

  • Elite Line Fundamentals

  • Brute Strength

  • Explosive Hips

  • Quick Feet

  • Strong Hands/Punching Power

  • Mental Strength

Why Sign Up for Horsepower Lineman Training and Recruiting?

Parents, if you are looking at my site, that gets me extremely excited! You are taking the steps necessary to make your sons dream a reality. I would love to set up a consultation to further discuss the program or if you are ready to sign up, schedule an appointment and we can get started. Contact me below to schedule.

I will be very up front, I have taken the time to look at different training options that you have. Everyone is selling the same thing. This is what makes our program different.

This program is not about strength training. This program is about transforming young men into college football players. It is changing them physically and mentally. It is about giving them the tools physically and the confidence to know that they are capable of playing at an extremely high level at this stage of the career and in the future.

Our program is not about what they can do in the weight room or on a track. Strength and Speed are extremely important for lineman, but it means nothing if it does not carry over onto the field. Field strength and speed are the foundation of why we train and how we train. We also train the mindset of attacking and finishing. This mentality is more important than anything else we do in this program.

This is how we do it.

All lineman need the same qualities in order to succeed on the field. With this being said, every person is unique and so is their journey, every athlete that participates in this program is on an individual program designed specifically for them. We take the movements that will be used on the field and teach the athletes how to be strong and powerful in these positions. We use a combination of Powerlifting (bench, squat, deadlift), Weightlifting (clean, jerk, snatch), Strongman, Plyometrics, Sprinting, and Football Specific Drills to create big powerful men who can dominate the line of scrimmage.


The Lineman Training and Recruiting program will also provide nutrition advice to help build large, lean, powerful athletes.

The nutrition advice for this program will be designed based on each lineman’s current body weight and their goals. It is designed to help build their bodies with lean muscle in order to play fast and strong. It will include what and how much they should consume to allow maximum progression.


This program offers a recruiting service in addition to the lineman training. Our recruiting program is built around the contacts and relationships that Coach Miller has with college football coaches. In addition to this we will:

  • Create highlight tapes from each of your seasons to send to coaches

  • Create workout videos that showcase your skills

  • Create Combine style results tested every six months to be sent to coaches

  • Be with you through the entire process

I have spent 20 plus years playing, coaching, and training lineman. Being a lineman is a brotherhood. I have endless passion to developing young men and helping them live out their dreams. If you are looking to reach your football potential, there is only one place to train.

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