What is an Aggressive Gentlemen

What is an Aggressive Gentleman?

To be aggressive simply means to pursue your aims and interests forcefully. Every single one of us has dreams. We all get to make the choice to act upon those dreams or do nothing and leave them as regrets. This world gives you nothing for free, and the world does not meet any of us half way. If you want to reach the goals that you have set for yourself, if you want live your dreams you have to take action. You have to aggressively pursue them every single day. You have to wake up with purpose and passion and do all of the things necessary to get closer to your dreams. You have to be aggressive in order to earn what you want. Everything in this life is earned and nothing is guaranteed. Be aggressive and earn everything.

Being a gentlemen means to be a chivalrous, courteous, brave, heroic, considerate, empathetic, respectful, and honorable man. Every single day we wake up with the choice of how to present ourselves to the world, and how we are going to impact the people around us. Make the decision to leave a positive impact on as many people as you can. Most of all it live a life knowing that there is something greater than ourselves that we are living for.

Aggressively pursue your dreams every single day while living an honorable, brave, respectful life that serves a purpose greater than any one of us.

The Aggressive Gentlemen’s rules to live by.

  1. Live a life of purpose guided by something greater than ourselves.

  2. Love

  3. Be Yourself or be Dead

  4. Show some emotion

  5. Live with passion

  6. The only opinions that matter come from people that matter.

  7. Tell the truth

  8. Do the right thing

  9. Do the best you can

  10. Live in the present

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