Serious Results

You want to change your life, change your performance, change the way you think. The Aggressive Gentlemen program simply gets results.

We run our combat sport athletes through an intense 12 week training camp leading up to competition. This program is set up for year round training which maximizes athlete’s results.

I have simple goals for athletes when they are going through a camp.

  1. Increase Strength

  2. Increase Speed

  3. Increase Mental Strength

  4. Increase Work Capacity

  5. Reduce Recovery Time

  6. Reduce Overall Body-weight if needed

  7. Maintain Lean Muscle

Here are the results from one of my most recent camps. The numbers tell the story, Increased strength/power. The athlete was able to do heavier weights on Deadlift (+5), Cleans (+10), Front Squats (+20), and Push Press (+145). Increased short burst speed. The athlete decreased their 20 yard sprint time from 2.91 to 2.66 seconds. They also were able to run a faster long sprint time on the 16th sprint compared to the 8th by 7 seconds (Sprints are 176 yards and the athlete has 60 seconds to run and rest before starting the next sprint). This shows increased work capacity, the athlete is recovering faster, and they have the ability to sustain power for longer periods of time. Body-weight decreased from 152.518 to 137.149 (-15.369lbs). Body-fat decreased from 20.8% to 12.6% (-8.2%), all well maintaining the same level of lean muscle.

Stronger, Faster, Increased Work Capacity, Reduced Recovery time, Body-weight Reduced, Lean Muscle Maintained, this program simply creates athletes that are ready to compete at their highest level physically and mentally.

Pre – Camp

  • 152.518 lbs (Body-weight)

  • 120.788 lbs (Fat Free Muscle)

  • 20.8% (Body-fat)

  • Deadlift 380

  • Clean 175

  • Front Squat 275

  • Push Press 145

  • 20 Yard Sprint 2.91

  • 8th 176 yard Conditioning run. (60 seconds run and rest) 28 seconds

Post Camp

  • 137.149 lbs (Body-weight)

  • 119.902 lbs (Fat Free Muscle)

  • 12.6% (Body-fat)

  • Deadlift 385

  • Clean 185

  • Front Squat 295

  • Push Press 160

  • 20 Yard Sprint 2.66

  • 16th 176 Yard Conditioning Sprint (60 Seconds run and rest) 21 seconds

This program has been used for Combat sport athletes through learning and growing with over 180 fight camps. The athletes that complete this program win at a rate of 75%. This program is for more than just athletes who are competing in combat sports. This program is for any person that wants to change the way they live. If you are interested in becoming stronger, faster, reducing body fat, building work capacity, reducing recovery time, and truly building your mental strength, this program will get you there.

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