Strongman for Athletes

The primary reason to to use strongman training for football players is to bridge the gap between weight room strength and competition strength. This element is essential for maximizing a functional

strength and conditioning program. One of the best ways to make this happen is to add strongman training into conventional competition strength and conditioning programming. There are many exercises that can be used in order to successfully turn weight room strength into field strength (Field strength is the only goal for athletes, very few outcomes of games are decided by who can bench more). There are 5 primary strongman exercises that every football player (especially lineman) should be doing regularly. Adding strongman movements has benefits for all competitive athletes. If you want to build true functional strength that translates to improved performance in your sport add strongman training to your program.

Remember the further you stray from basic strength, speed, power elements in programming, the less effective it is.

Keys for strongman training for football or other non strongman athletes

1. Using movements that directly translate to sports.

2. Using different approaches with the exercises to maximize benefits (weight, distance, speed).

3. Teaching proper technique to maximize the benefits and eliminate injury.

These are the 5 core strongman movements that I use for explosive athletes.

These are the foundation movements of our strongman program, but there are countless variations that we use in addition in order to build brute strength and explosive power on the field.

1. Farmers Walk
2. Sled Push
3. Sled Pull
4. Log Clean and Press
5. Tire Flips

Horsepower Strength and Conditioning knows that many athletes are on strength/speed/conditioning programs through their school or team. We offer athletes a supplemental training program that takes them to the next level. The addition of strongman training to traditional strength and conditioning programs gives athletes who are willing to put in the work a huge competitive advantage. It will increase what you are able to do in training and make you a stronger, more powerful athlete when you compete. The addition of supplemental strongman training can be the difference between starting and sitting, between signing the scholarship or not playing college athletics. Give yourself every opportunity to reach your potential. Do what will set you apart from every other athlete you will be competing against.

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