When I work with my athletes, I have one goal: to help them become the best football player that they can be. Typically; following a game when I ask my guys how they played I will get a response of “good”, “ok”, or “not very well”. This does not help me, as a coach, work with them to improve. I can tell you first hand that what I see in training does not always translate to playing great football on the field. As a coach, it is my first job to invest in my athletes. This is not a small investment, or only giving 100 percent to them when they are in my training facility (If you aren’t at least doing that, find another job). This means spending the time and energy to do everything in my power to help them be the best they can be.

I travel to as many games as possible. I am there for two reasons. First, to show them how much I care. Second, to watch them perform. If I don’t know what they look like play to play I cannot coach them effectively to become better. I also spend time watching, grading, and breaking down film of their games in order to effectively program their strength, speed, and skill work. If you don’t take the time to invest in your athletes; if you aren’t studying and grading out their performance, you are just guessing on how to make them better.

The simple fact is that each athlete has goals. Each athlete puts their heart and soul into their sport. Each athlete cares immensely about how they are performing. As a coach, I have to care more, and they need to feel it. Each and every one of these kids only gets one shot at playing high school football, college football, and beyond. As a coach you can’t take one game, one season, or one training session for granted. Every single day needs to be about moving forward with progress in order to reach the goals that they have. The investment that I make in my athletes is the only way to truly make the impact that they deserve. It is the only way to help them become the player that they are capable of being. This is what sets the Aggressive Gentlemen (Football training) program apart from every other program you can sign up for. It is a complete investment in my athletes that starts the day they walk in.

You get one chance to play and compete, do not waste any of your time and money on a program or coach that isn’t making a complete investment in you or your goals. The Aggressive Gentlemen program at Horsepower is not like any other program and it will be the best investment you can make.

The Aggressive Gentlemen program is built to create dominate offensive lineman and defensive lineman. If you are a Minnesota High School Football player, College Football Player, or Professional Football Player looking for lineman training you can work directly with Coach Miller at Horsepower Strength & Conditioning in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

If you are an lineman who does not play in or around Minnesota. Miller offers an exclusive lineman training membership website that gives you all the tools to be the best offensive lineman that you are capable of being.

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