If you are a BMX athlete or the parent of a BMX athlete you are in the right place.

What makes this program different than the rest?

I invest 100 percent in every athlete that I work with. I am fully committed to building them into the best athlete that they can be. You cannot build people or performance without building relationships. It is my mission to help people improve every single time I work with them and help them reach their goals.

The Aggressive Gentlemen program was built to teach athletes to attack when they compete. To build the power and the confidence to change the way that they perform. BMX is a sport that requires power, speed, and guts. This program will build you in every area you need to dominate the track. This program is designed for the exact needs of BMX racing.

We will build athletes that have the power to dominate out of the gates, and the speed, strength, balance, and coordination to attack the track start to finish.

I design individual programs specific to the needs of every individual that signs up. The program is built personally for each athlete and their competition schedule.

Athletes can sign up for programs where they train 2x, 3x, or 4x per week. The more I work with an athlete the faster the progress.

This program builds athletes with a combination of max strength work, power work, speed work (on and off their bike), and performance coaching. Everything we do is to benefit them when they are on the track and racing.

If you are looking for a strength and conditioning program to take your BMX racing to the next level, this is the program for you whether you are in the Twin Cities or around the world. We have a training option that will work for you. Contact me below with questions or to get started.

Matt Miller

7153 Commerce Cir W

Fridley, MN 55432 Tel: 763-286-1208

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