Find your 100%

Do you ever wonder why less talented people win?

The answer is simple, the amount of aggression that they bring to competition. If you compete with an attack mentality that allows you to truly find your 100 percent you set yourself apart from almost every person that you are competing against. There are so many things that can prevent you from being aggressive when you compete. Fear, hesitation, lack of confidence, caring more about what it looks like than the outcome, and the list could go on and on.

The key is to train this mentality, so it becomes second nature when it is time to compete. Every single time you train, practice, and compete you have to narrow your focus to each moment of what you are doing. You need to give 100 percent attention to attacking each moment and giving what your true 100 percent is to that moment. What happened before doesn't matter, thinking about what happens next doesn't matter, you have to be completely locked into where you are and what your doing right now.

Your true 100 percent is your max effort distracted by nothing. There is no way to find that place unless it is trained. Training your mindset, your focus, and your ability to give max effort to each moment is the most important skill you can ever learn. If you do not have this skill you will never know what you can truly accomplish.

Build the mindset that you need to compete at a different level, and you will never compete the same way again.

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