12 Week Attack Program

Change your mindset, and change the way you attack life.

Most people go through their lives never knowing what giving their true 100 percent feels like. This program helps you find it and teaches you how to give it over and over.

12 Weeks – 36 Workouts - $1200 – ($33.33 per workout)

There are programs that only focus on physical performance, there are programs that only focus on mental performance, the attack program combines them both and changes the way that you train, compete, and live.

Late summer Matt decided to change up our programming- 2 months later, he transformed the way I competed as an athlete.

Attacking has always been a huge component of training at Horsepower, but Matt put together a program with attacking at the absolute forefront- attacking every rep, every step. Sleds dominated a good half, maybe three quarters, of the sessions. Light and heavy sleds, sprints and “I just literally wore the sole out of my shoe” sleds. Set after set, he made sure I was digging my feet into the ground, driving forward with every ounce of grit I had in me. It was brutal, but so damn empowering.

It built me way far beyond physical strength. He rewired the way I approached a challenge. He eliminated fear. When it finally came time to compete, I was well prepared and ready to burn it down. My mental game was focused and so much stronger than it had been in the past. He taught me how to tap into this competitive aggression and let my body do the work it’s always been capable

-Ali Palm, Strongman Athlete

The hardest thing for people to do is find their 100 percent, and it is even harder to find over and over again. This program not only helps you find it, but find it every time you line it up. It changes the way you think, it changes the approach that you take to life, and it gives you an advantage in everything you do.

"There’s no way to overstate the value of mental strength in athletics, or life in general, and Matt Miller understands that more than anyone I’ve met. Coming to Coach Miller with a back injury and lifelong chronic depression the way that I approach everything in my life has changed. The philosophy is simple but deep, with love for what you do and who you are the possibilities are infinite. Whether it’s competing in Strongman competitions or facing challenges in my everyday life that would have previously seemed insurmountable, my life has been profoundly affected by Coach Miller’s approach and his reinforcement of those principles that he lives and trains every day. He has made me the strongest, mentally and physically, that I have ever been."

-Seth Goin, Strongman, Soccer

If you are ready for something to truly change you, to remove the excuses, the fear, and the doubt from your life, the attack program will get you there.

"The fear of what's to come has been replaced by staying in the moment. There is no hesitation, no second guessing, no do-overs. Just attacking each moment as it comes. We can't change the past, we can't predict the future, all we have is right now, this moment. Coach Miller has helped me push through the doubt, the thoughts of the past and taught me to live in the present, to give 100% each moment, because that moment is all we have."

-Bonnie Stoehr, MMA

My mission is to build people and that is exactly what this program does. This is not a “cookie cutter” program. It will be set up individually for every person that signs up. You will train in my individual group training program that allows my athletes to get the motivational aspects of a group while receiving the individual attention they need to maximize their potential. (At Horsepower training in a group does not mean everyone is doing the same workout). Every athlete is doing the program designed for them to reach their goals.

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