Powerology 101

In a world that has decided that there is an excuse for everything, I want every single person to wake up every day and ask one simple question. How will I live today?

That’s right, accountability for everything you do and every decision that you make. Those decisions will decide your future. How you live today will impact every single day for the rest of your life. So I ask you, how will you live today?

Fuck excuses, and create your own path. You don’t need a life coach (99% of them are so fucked up they can’t get their own shit together), you need a decision. A decision to do what it takes to reach your goals, a decision to take responsibility for everything single thing you do. Sounds tough right, well the world is tough, and it will beat you down. When it does, don’t make a damn excuse or blame somebody else, get up and fight like hell. Hard work is the only answer to the question of how to become successful.

You can let go of all the bullshit that is being sold to you through the socials. People are extremely good at selling snake oil and appearing to be successful. Don’t buy it, do you and be you. Be authentic and give the world the real deal. The real you and what you have to offer is all you need. The real you is authentic, and only when you are being authentic do you have anything worth selling.

Some additional thoughts on being successful.

Relationships are greater than networking. Build relationships, care about people, and go above and beyond for them. Networking is nothing more than selfish people trying to use you to sell their bullshit. Fake people pretending to be nice to get something for themselves in the end. Build relationships, build a team.

Be kind, any person can walk around and be an ass. Any person can be nice to people when they feel like they are benefiting. Take the time to be kind to the people you love and the people you interact with. Kindness changes the world, kindness brings value to the world, and kindness changes the world.

If you are going to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Strive for excellence, be an example of what excellence looks like to yourself and ever person that is watching you.

You better have a “why”, and it better not be for yourself (and if its money, look in the mirror and find a real damn purpose). You are only willing to push so hard to meet your own/needs and goals. Your why better be for someone else or something else that you love more than yourself. This is the only way to dig deep and find out what you can really accomplish.

You have to believe, believe in yourself and your ability to get it done. If you don’t it will never happen…. Period. Don’t convince yourself that you can’t do something, find out if you can. Somehow, someway find the belief in yourself that you can get the job done and nothing will stop you.

The Powerology program is about building the most powerful version of the people that I coach. Some of it is physical and some of it is mental. We break down walls and build powerful ass people in all aspects of life.

How will you live today?

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